Welcome to the Birmingham Public Schools Obsolete/Surplus Equipment web-site.


1. Post items that are no longer needed in your building. Please note you will need to attach a JPEG photo of all items that you are listing for disposal. Items that are listed as junk should meet one of the following descriptions:
  • Broken beyond repair
  • Repair cost exceeds the value of the item
  • Items with no monetary value
2. View and Request items that are available for district staff to use in your classroom / building. PLEASE NOTE - Once an item is moved to your building it has to stay there for the entire school year. No ”buyer’s remorse”


1. You must have a district login to access the system. If you are having trouble please see your building secretary.

2. Whether you are submitting an item for removal or requesting an item, all requests will be directed to your building administrator for approval. The item will then be approved by Purchasing and final approval will be made by an Administrator as follows:
  • Instructional Items – Deputy Superintendent for Education
  • Technology Items – Executive Director of Technology Services
  • Other Items – Assistant Superintendent for Business Services
3. If you are disposing of an item please make sure that you have notified all staff in your building prior to entering the item(s) into the system. Items do not need to be entered into the system if they are used / moved within the same building.

4. Please note that the district does not remove and store items once they are put on the obsolete list. You will need to store these items in the same location that you listed on the request screen until the disposal process is complete and authorized personnel can have the items removed. All items should be tagged with a sign stating “Obsolete / Surplus Equipment” along with the date that you submitted the items on the system.

5. Once items have been submitted and completely approved, items can be viewed for 2 weeks on the website for building transfer requests. Items are released for viewing on the second Monday and fourth Monday of every month.

6. Any items that are not requested for district use are posted for public sale at www.publicsurplus.com for an additional 2 weeks. Staff members and general public are allowed to bid on these items. Please note that some items are sent directly to the public surplus website, if it is determined by an Administrator that these items should not be used in other buildings. An example would be district vehicles or buses.

If you have any questions about the disposal process or how to use the site please contact Kim Courts or Sue Mershman @ 248-203-3975.